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Monday - Friday
11:30 - 14:00
18:00 - 23:00

18:00 - 23:00

We are happy to accept your lunch orders until 1.30pm and your dinner orders until 9.30pm.

At Fujiya of Japan we have two seating’s for dinner reservations:

1. From 18:00hrs until 20:00hrs

2. From 20.15hrs


We are sorry, but dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.

Fujiya of Japan

RISE OF THE CULINARY SUN. At the Fujiya of Japan you are pampered with the finest meat – sushi and seafood specialties like at no other place. If dishes prepared in front of you on the teppan-plate or Sushi bites – your choice is always the right one.


Teppan-Yaki-cooking was originally invented in the 18th century by Japanese immigrants in the United States of America as a means of consolation when they felt homesick.
The Japanese immigrants who had arrived in America at the time were neither used to the nutrients in the new world nor to the new cuisine they found there. In addition to feeling homesick they therefore also had a strong craving for the specialities of Japanese cuisine. To compensate they started frying various readily available “new” ingredients on hot metal or rather steel plates.

As the years passed this new kind of cooking was continuously perfected and also found its way back to Japan where it became popular, too. Today Teppan-cooking offers great culinary pleasures for the guests as they can observe from up close how the tasty dishes are being prepared right in front of them on the hot teppan tables.
We hope you will enjoy your time with us and wish you bon appetit here at Fujiya of Japan.

Lunch Menu

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The finest selection: Wagyu Beef

An insider tip for our gourmands; at the Fujiya of Japan we serve filet of the Wagyu beef from Australia. These animals are washed daily, massaged and rubbed with sake. The wagyu meet characterizes itself by the unique marbling and is particularly tender, succulent and tasteful.  

Als à la carte Portion für Geniesser:

200g für CHF 150.00

Served with vegetables, steamed rice and 3 different sauces

Weekly Take Away Menu

Weekly Take Away Menu

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