A HOTEL WITH (HI)STORIES. How does a hotel become what it is? Who built it, ran it, and visited it? Many hotels have interesting stories and anecdotes to tell. So do we at FIFA Hotel Ascot.

One well-known name stands behind the Hotel Ascot and its history: Dr. Anton Eric Scotoni, a famous entrepreneur in the building and film industry of Zurich. In 1954, he built a four star hotel next to the train station Enge. He decided to name it after the abbreviation of his own name (Anton Scotoni = AScot). In this way he created a connection to British style and traditional English elegance. Back then Hotel Ascot was a popular venue for (movie) stars, as Dr. Scotoni also owned the most famous movie theater in Zurich.

Ever since, Hotel Ascot has adapted and changed with the times – in 1986 with a complete renovation and addition of a 6th floor and in 2010 with a renovation of all guestrooms.

In 1991, Christian Frei, owner of MMC Hotel AG, took over the Hotel Ascot as director and in 1996 also the lease of the building. To this day he runs Hotel Ascot successfully. In 2014 a new milestone in the hotel's history was set, when the FIFA association bought the building.